Farmers' Market How-to


Question: What products may vendors sell to customers of a farmers market without being licensed as a food establishment at the market location?
Answer: There are several possible choices.

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables (whole and uncut)
  2. Non-potentially hazardous food products; that is products that do not require refrigeration, because they are shelf-stable. These products can be prepared in the home and sold for consumption from the selling location premises. Some examples of products that can be prepared in the home for direct sale to consumer customers include: jams, jellies and dried noodles.
  3. Bakery products that are not potentially hazardous. These products include only the following items: breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, and pies (except meat pies and custard or cream pies).
  4. Fresh Shell Eggs - Kept at 45° F or below (ambient temperature)
  5. Honey

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