Cottonwood Farms

Last Friday, the Region 1 interns took a trip over to Cottonwood Farms in Sheldon, IA.  Annie McCabe is the main person behind Cottonwood Farms.  She and her family live across from her sister and her family.  They both grew up on the farm and always wanted to take over the farm when they were older.  They have had different animals on the farm like turkeys, but currently there have laying hens, pigs, and some cute kittens!  

On top of raising the animals, Annie has found interest in Apothecary, botanical body care.  She became interested after looking at the ingredient list on the lotion she was putting on her son when he was a baby.  She began to research natural body products to make and learned how to make body care products from the plants in her own backyard.  She enjoys what she does and always is looking for something new to make.  

We enjoyed our time there and appreciate the time that Annie took to share with us what she is passionate about! 
Annie takes her Apothecary products to the Sheldon Farmers' Market, and you can also visit her website,


Annie showing the interns the apothecary Apothecary hand balms Hen at Cottonwood Farms Pigs at Cottonwood Farms Kitten at Cottonwood Farms