Cassie's WIC Clinic Food Tasting

WIC Clinic Food TastingFor my individual project I am preparing Zippy Zucchini Salad for adults and children to try while they wait or on their way out of the clinic. It contains zucchini, tomatoes, green pepper, and green onion with a vinegar, sugar, and olive oil dressing on top. I also have hand-outs of the recipe in English and Spanish and a list of the farmers’ markets in the 6 counties that currently accept WIC checks to be used to buy fresh produce. While the families are tasting the vegetables I ask them a few questions, for example, “are you planning on using your farmers’ market WIC checks throughout the summer?”

I really enjoy going to the WIC Clinics because a lot of the clients have told me they have never tried zucchini before and they actually liked it! I think it is great how willing the young children are to try new vegetables.

My favorite story was at the Sioux Center WIC clinic and these three boys came back for “refills” of the salad three times! They loved it! 

I have three counties left to do WIC clinics in and I am excited to continue working with the clients.