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Photo of the Interns at Stensland Farms Region 1 Rising Star Interns!
June, 6, 2017

We're the Rising Star interns from Region 1! Here's a little bit about each of us... check back soon to hear more about what we've been up to!

Rising Star Interns Meet the 2017 Region 5 Rising Star Interns!
May, 31, 2017

Hello! The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Rising Star Interns are back for another year! This summer marks the fourth year of existence for the Rising Star Internship program, this year we are excited to continue working with local foods.  During our time as interns this summer, each of us will be posting about our activities and projects.  The goals of our internship are listed below, so you can learn more about what we do as Rising Star Interns, as well as what to look forward to in future blog posts:

Region 5 Rising Star Intern What Day is it? PRESENTATION DAY!
August, 4, 2016

Today is the day. Today is the day. TODAY IS THE DAY! Today is the day that all of the Rising Star Interns will be giving their final reports and presentations. The presentations will be given to the deans of the College of Design and College of Human Sciences. Region 1, 5, and 7 interns have been spending the past few weeks putting together reports to present to the deans that talk about everything we have completed over the past 12 weeks of summer. It’s so weird to think that this is our last big group activity together. The Rising Star internship has been an experience of a lifetime and the best part about it, no two interns had the same experience. Isn’t that weird to think? This internship gave us all the opportunity to be creative and show our own talents in a variety of ways.

Food Shorts
August, 2, 2016

Eight videos of food preparation

Carissa presenting to the youth about healthy eating. Picture by Kiley. Healthy Eating for Kids Workshops
July, 28, 2016

I had so much fun giving these workshops!  The workshops consisted of 5 fun activities pertaining healthy eating and focusing on fruits and vegetables. Each workshop started with an introduction activity, “I’m Going on a Picnic”. The youth selected a fruit or vegetable that started with the first letter of their first name. They would say “My name is [name], and I am going on a picnic. I am going to bring [fruit or vegetable].” The whole group would repeat their name and what they were bringing on the picnic.

Cali working on her final report Hard at Work!
July, 25, 2016

Be on the lookout for a few more of my (Cali) food shorts to be posted on the Rising Star Intern page. I will be featuring a few recipes from ISU Extension and Outreach's very own Spend Smart. Eat Smart. website!

Garden Walk at the demonstration garden.  Photo from Northwest Research Farm. Lyon County Demonstration Garden and Northwest Research Farm
July, 21, 2016

Throughout our internship, we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people from Iowa State University and ISU Extension and Outreach. This past week, we met with Josh Sievers. Josh Sievers works with the Northwest Iowa Research Farm, a partnership between Iowa State University and Northwest Iowa Experimental Association. He, and the research farm, are also involved at the Lyon County demonstration garden. The demonstration garden is located at the Lyon County fair grounds in Rock Rapids, IA.  

Annie showing the interns the apothecary Cottonwood Farms
July, 18, 2016

On top of raising the animals, Annie has found interest in Apothecary, botanical body care.  She became interested after looking at the ingredient list on the lotion she was putting on her son when he was a baby.  She began to research natural body products to make and learned how to make body care products from the plants in her own backyard.  She enjoys what she does and always is looking for something new to make.  

Christel and Carissa serving up Crunch Cabbage Salad Fun with Food Tasting #2!
July, 11, 2016

With Farmers' Markets now in full swing for the summer, Christel, Emily, and I have found ourselves traveling across Region 1 for some Fun with Food Tastings.  This past weekend we spent the morning at the Lakes Area Farmers Market in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Herbs in the Hills Festival Herbs In The Hills
July, 7, 2016

The festival will run from 1PM to 5 PM on Sunday, September 25th with food, music, activities involving some of our local producers, and the opportunity to get to know more about the herbs grown in our area, how to grow them, and how to preserve them yourself! Hope to see you there!