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Mole in the yard Moles in the Yard
November, 16, 2020

Moles are a common problem for most homeowners. They are ground dwelling mammals that create unsightly tunnels throughout the yard and garden that can make mowing difficult, as well as damage the roots of the lawn.

up from the earth volunteers Preparing Your Garden for Winter
October, 6, 2020

The end of the growing season is creeping up on us as colder temperatures start to move in. It is time for us to start thinking about our after-harvest care for our vegetable gardens. Proper care in the fall can lead to a more successful garden next growing season.

kids in garden All About Kohlrabi
July, 22, 2020

Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is often overlooked at the farmers market or store unless you grew up eat and growing it at home. It is a crisp, sweet vegetable that is in the cabbage family. Even though we are in the heart of harvesting kohlrabi you can start planting new seeds for a fall crop!

cooperative learning garden 100 years later: the return of the Victory Gardens
May, 8, 2020

“The War Garden was the chrysalis. The Victory Garden is the butterfly.”

– Victory Gardens Feed the Hungry: The Needs of Peace Demand the Increased Production of Food in America’s Victory Gardens, by Charles Lathrop Pack, President of the National War Gardens Commission

garden growing Master Gardener Moments: Cooperative Learning Gardens 2019 by Marion Cain ('06)
November, 21, 2019

2019 recap of the Cooperative Learning Gardens.

diane photo 1 Master Gardener Moments: International Master Gardener Conference Cont. by Diane Sorensen ('10)
November, 21, 2019

Read about highlights from the 2019 International Master Gardener Conference.

diane photo 2 Master Gardener Moments: International Master Gardener Conference by Marcia Simon ('11)
November, 21, 2019

One of the most exciting learning opportunities for Master Gardeners! These conferences are held every two years by sponsoring state Master Gardeners all over the country. They include tons of classes on every type of topic – garden design, trees, perennials, water features, vegetables, pests, and much more. (Continuing Ed hours!)

climate in the garden Climate Change in the Garden: Weather vs. Climate
November, 11, 2019

What’s the difference between weather and climate?

pop club Sheldon and Rock Rapids: 2019 Power of Produce Recap
November, 8, 2019

Power of Produce (PoP) Club is a farmers’ market incentive program designed to empower children to make healthful food choices. Each week, children ages 4 through 12 attend PoP Club to take part in educational activities, taste fresh produce and receive a $2 token to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.    

garden 2019 Monona County Extension Works to Increase Food Security
October, 30, 2019

Growing Together mini-grant allowed 1,591 pounds of fruits and vegetables to be donated to food pantries and residents in need in Monona County in two summers