Map of Iowa's regional food system working groupsFlavors of Northwest Iowa is a regional network for local food producers and consumers. We provide:

  • Producer education
  • Consumer information
  • Support for healthy food partnerships

Flavors of Northwest Iowa is part of the Regional Food Systems Working Group (RFSWG). RFSWG maximizes the potential for community-based, economically sustainable, and environmentally and socially responsible food enterprises by supporting education, conducting research, and facilitating partnerships.


What We Do

We focus local and regional food system development efforts in six areas:

  1. Producer Tools and Cooperation
    Offering workshops for growers to increase their education and opportunities.
  2. Farmers' Markets
    Providing public information about times, dates and locations of farmers' markets in the region and assisting communities in further developing their farmers' market.
  3. Availability and Access
    Working to bring the latest information about season extension and production practices to Northwest Iowa and assuring smooth channels of access to fresh, locally grown food for all people.
  4. Scaled-Up Markets
    We explore interest from buyers (restaurants, schools, institutions) for purchasing locally grown food and work to connect producers with buyers.  We provide workshop and networking opportunities for those interested in aggregation, distribution and processing.
  5. Consumer Information and Education
    See our Local Food and Flavor Guide for our annual local food directory including fruits, vegetables, honey, meat, eggs, flowers, herbs and other retail agriculture products sold directly to consumers.  The guide also includes restaurants serving locally grown food on their menus, participating local businesses and partner organizations.
  6. Small Farm Business Viability
    Supporting the viability of existing and beginning farmers and local food entrepreneurs that market products in the local food system.

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