Find value-added ag resources on updated AgMRC website

October 6, 2020

by Emily Paull, program coordinator

The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) website recently got a facelift! AgMRC is a national online resource value-added agriculture. Through an ongoing USDA grant, Iowa State University provides unbiased, science-based marketing information for US farmers and ranchers on the website.

For starters, the homepage now more prominently features videos created by ISU’s Model Farm program. These short profiles feature Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) recipients and the impact that the VAPG program has had on their businesses (see one example at right).

The homepage also now includes a COVID-19 Resources module. You’ll find a variety of links to programs and guides to aid producers in navigating pandemic-related changes. The website headers also now more accurately reflect the content on the website, with the most accessed resource—Commodities & Products—moved to the first header spot.

Updated business section

The other top-level sections on the home page are Business Development, Food Industry, Renewable Energy, and Resources. Each topic has a variety of links to resources, including the helpful FoodSearcher tool (offered in partnership with MarketMaker).

AgMRC logo.

The other major change to the website involves a major overhaul to a portion of the Business Development header. AgMRC staff worked diligently for nearly 12 months to update and reorganize articles and content relating to the business life cycle. The revamped Business Management subheading is much more consistent and easier to use.

Business Management now has four life cycle stages: Investigation, Feasibility & Development, Introduction & Start-up, and Growth & Maturity. Each of these stages has five related pages: Product/Technical, Market, Business Financials, Management, and Tool Workbench.

Our goal in this restructure was to locate the site’s excellent content more intuitively, where someone would look for it. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions!