Marketing local food to distributors

The demand for local food is growing and here to stay. Wholesale is a largely untapped market and more and more institutions are looking to grow their local food purchases. Selling to wholesale customers has its set of challenges: buyers are looking for food safety efforts, often require large liability policies and have packaging requirements. They are looking for clean, graded, consistent product. Don’t let that drive you away: many buyers, particularly food hubs, will work with farmers to help them go through the hurdles.

Wholesale customers may include: food services (schools, hospitals, restaurant, bakeries, etc.), food retailers (grocery stores, specialty stores), food distributors (food hubs and others).


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Tips from Teresa Wiemerslage
  • Have a good Post Harvest Handling program. This Post Harvest Handling Decision Tool developed by Chris Blanchard for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture is often used as a reference.
  • Implement an on-farm Food Safety Plan (check out the Food Safety page).
  • Have quality washing, packing and refrigeration facilities.

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Teresa Wiemerslage

Teresa Wiemerslage

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