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There are many ways we can support local food systems as consumers. Not just in the choices we make when we eat, but also as citizens and members of a community.

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Buying local food Find information about where you can buy local food.

Visit Iowa farms  A comprehensive index of Iowa agritourism, with listings for everything from country stays and hiking trails to wineries and farmers markets.

Local foods and health Healthy eating is key to healthy living. Find resources on health and nutrition related to local foods here.

Food access Through farmers markets, gardening education, healthy food incentives, food donations, and food literacy programs, local food can be a tool for improving access to (and interest in) healthy eating.

Policies and regulations Find out more about local foods related Policies and Regulations. Learn how you can change them to support local foods, urban farming, produce aggregation, farmers markets, etc. in your city/county/state .

Community development and design Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Find information about community development tactics you can engage in as a citizen: food system infrastructure and planning, urban agriculture, community gardens, etc.

10 things to know about local food systems

Box of CSA Vegetables
CSA box, courtesy Jerry Dewitt


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