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How can your community group/organization promote local food systems development?
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Community Donation Gardening Toolkit. This online resource is intended for community gardeners who are sharing or plan to share produce with neighborhood and community partners to address food insecurity in their local communities.

Promoting local foods Find resources to demonstrate to your community, representatives, consumers, etc., that local foods is the way to go.

Buying local foods – wholesale (institutions and retail stores) Find resources to buy local foods in greater quantities.

Community development and design Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

Local foods and health Healthy eating is key to healthy living. Find resources on health and nutrition related to local foods here.

Youth Learn more about curriculum and programs geared towards youth.

Economic impacts of local foods Find relevant data and information on the economic impacts of local foods.

Policies and regulations Find out more about local foods related Policies and Regulations. Learn how you can change them to support local foods, urban farming, produce aggregation, farmers markets, etc. in your city/county/state.

Grants and other funding opportunities Looking to start a local food business or processing facility? How about a school garden? As local food systems continue to develop, community leaders need access to capital to start or sustain their efforts. The good news is, there are funding options available.

Measurement and evaluation Evaluating your local food system programs and projects is important (if not necessary!) for several reasons including program/project improvement and impact demonstration. Find useful tools and resources here.

10 things to know about local food systems

RFSWG meeting (summer 2014).

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