Food safety regulations for producers

Find all the information you need on ISU Extension and Outreach’s Food Safety website. There you can find resources for consumers (safe food preparation and conservation tips and videos), food service providers (find posters, brochures, links to workshops and certification programs), and producers (links to resources, contacts and guides to creating food safety plans).

Marketing Local Foods in Iowa (publications FS 15-25, 2017, ISU Extension Store; free PDF downloads)

The Iowa GAP Program website maintained by the ISU Safe Produce Team offers online GAP workshops in video form.

ISU Extension and Outreach, through a grant funded by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, offers online Good Agricultural Practices Workshops for fruit and vegetable producers throughout Iowa.

This on-farm food safety program provides education on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), food regulation, marketing and economics, and GAP auditing criteria. ISU also offers online food safety trainings for producers to meet GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards for selling food to the public, including farmers markets, CSAs, food service and other institutional markets.


What can be sold where is a great introduction to the different types of licenses needed to sell in different venues. This presentation by a DIA official also reviews the different governing regulations for the different types of products, and goes over some general facility requirements.

Why are we concerned is a short presentation by Dr Angela Shaw about the impact of food safety practices, and the basics on key microorganisms and what they strive on. Find examples of outbreaks that could have been avoided.

What can be done is a presentation by Dr Catherine Strohbehn to understand the needs of food service and other direct markets. This includes a review of best practices on farm food safety.

Getting started: Product focus discusses food safety focus points with processing, traceability, and specific processing concerns.

Useful Contacts

Christine Hradeck, Family Nutrition Extension Specialist


Angela Shaw, Food Safety Extension Specialist


Catherine Strohbehn, Nutrition and Health Extension Specialist


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