Regional Food Systems Working Group (RFSWG)

The Regional Food Systems Working Group of Iowa brings together food system stakeholders of networking, resource sharing, and collaboration to grow and support community-based food systems.

2023 Schedule

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The RFSWG steering committee has put together the upcoming meeting schedule for 2023. All meetings will take place on Thursdays from 10 a.m. – noon via Zoom.

Agenda will be posted to the email list and in the Facebook group.

At our virtual or in-person quarterly meetings: 

  • Learn about local food projects, organizations, and business across the state 
  • Meet other folks working in food systems 
  • Hear about grants and other funding opportunities 
  • Find connections and possibilities for statewide projects 
  • Share resources and engage in peer-to-peer professional development 

Recordings and presentations from past meetings.

What is a community-based food system? 

A community-based food system supports long-term connections between farmers, processors and consumers while helping to meet the health, social, economic and environmental needs of communities within that region. Producers and markets are linked via efficient infrastructures that: 

  • promote environmental health; 
  • provide competitive advantages to producers, processors and retailers; 
  • encourage identification with a region’s culture, history and ecology; and 
  • share risks and rewards equitably among all partners in the system. 

Who are our members? 

RFSWG Field Day, Summer 2016

Many of our members are local food coordinators, non-profit leaders and community organizers that play the role of connectors in our food system. Our group is open to all food system stakeholders: farmers, chefs, food hubs, schools, educators, policy-makers, etc., working to create resilient regional food systems.

A volunteer steering committee sets quarterly meeting agendas, contacts guest speakers and helps keep the conversations flowing. 

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To find food systems practitioners and learn more about food systems educational resources in your region, check out the map below!

This map was developed through the Food Systems Practitioner and Education Resource Database. Visit this site today to create your own profile and learn more about food systems work happening in your area.

For more information on RFSWG, contact our steering committee members: