FFED helping create national web portal for food systems curricula

October 9, 2020
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Vibrant local and regional food systems are more crucial now than ever, as the pandemic disrupts our globalized food supply chain. Many people are engaged in supporting this work in communities of all sizes around the US. They need tools to identify professional development opportunities that can help them do their work more effectively.  

FFED recently entered into a new cooperative agreement with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). The project will develop a web portal to host existing curricula, resources and tools to support food systems practitioners across the country. 

Hand and computer mouse.

This agreement builds on the work completed in 2019, through an initial AMS project led by FFED’s food systems team. They worked with 30 partners around the US to understand and identify core competencies for food systems practitioners. The project included multiple facilitated conversations and two national surveys.

The project team identified nine core competencies and several sub-competencies across the food system. They range from equity and community capacity to leadership and evaluation. This led to research and identification of existing trainings and curricula.

Phase two of the project began in September. Partners will develop an online web portal managed through Iowa State’s Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. The home page will live on Colorado State University’s Local Food Economics website. A core team of national partners will develop the web portal. They’ll also create an outreach plan to engage practitioners across the US.  

Learn more about this ongoing work on our Community Food Systems page. Question? Contact food systems team lead Courtney Long.