Farm to School Toolkit Pilot

This Farm to School Toolkit, a resource guide, offers brief descriptions of components of farm to school. It also lists answers to questions commonly asked when tackling this type of program.

The Q&A format offers information on frequently asked questions and considerations when starting a farm to school program. It can also help with exploring additional alternatives to existing programming.

The toolkit includes program suggestions, and links to relevant websites for further information. Its purpose is to be a quick-reference guide and index for schools and partners to build readiness, competence, and understanding of the types of programs that exist for farm to school activities.

You can also download a PDF copy of each section here:


Prepared by the Cass County Farm to School Coalition of Cass County Food Action Coalition. Primary contributors include: Kate Olson of Cass County Extension and Outreach; Sue Riggs and Jan Steffen of Cass County Farm to School Coalition; David Henrichs of Griswold School District; James Northwick and DeeAnn Schreiner of Atlantic School District; Dominic Giegerich, Haley Wollum and Tami Williamson of CAM School district; Lora Kanning of Cass County Conservation; and Courtney Long, Kaley Hohenshell, and Lynn Heuss of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community Food Systems Program.

Thanks to the following content reviewers: Lynn Heuss, Teresa Wiemerslage, and Chelsea Krist of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach FFED Program.

The Cass County Farm to School Coalition was started in 2016 as a part of the Community Food Systems Program collaborating with Cass County Food Action Coalition. The coalition’s goal has been to create a collaborative network of organizations, school and institutions to work together to develop educational programs with schools around nutrition, agriculture basics and farm to school procurement. Additionally, one of the first collective efforts was to develop a toolkit of resources that highlight the opportunities that exist for schools to begin farm to school programming.

Additional Resources

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For information on k-12 farm to school programming, please contact Chelsea Krist

For information on farm to early care education, please contact Krista Smith.