Goal : Systematically gather information (data) on the context, processes, and outcomes of local food system work to inform the decisions and actions of partners to effectively support and evaluate their own work and the food systems work of others

Contract evaluation work
Our team evaluators partner with agencies and non-profit organizations around Iowa and the Midwest to conduct research-based, local-foods-focused data gathering and analysis. Most recently, we partnered with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship to design, conduct and analyze the first statewide survey of commercial fruit and vegetable producers in more than a decade. View the report here.

Capacity-building for evaluation among our partners

Through journal articles, extension publications, presentations, workshops and technical assistance, the Local Foods Program team’s goal is to give food systems practitioners the tools and knowledge necessary to conduct their own evaluation. As part of this effort, our evaluators have designed Question Keeper, a free database of survey questions that allows you to build your own evaluation questionnaires based on an archive of prepared topics-based questions. Learn more here.

Find out more about our evaluation services on our Measurement and Evaluation page.



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