Community Donation Gardening Toolkit

This Community Donation Gardening Toolkit is an online resource for community gardeners who are sharing or plan to share produce with neighborhood and community partners to address food insecurity in their local communities.

A community donation garden is a community garden that intends for the produce grown to be consumed by members of the community who are experiencing food insecurity.

This toolkit is intended to be an online resource for existing community gardens seeking to donate produce. Gardeners interested in starting a new community garden should additionally consult other resources. We hope the toolkit will be useful for others too, including:

  • Home gardeners, farmers, or other local producers interested in food donation
  • Neighborhoods members and community organizations
  • Food recovery organizations
  • Food pantries and other food recipient agencies
  • Local food practitioners and organizations

Where to Donate (3 pp. PDF)
What to Grow (4 pp. PDF)
Food Safety Practices (5 pp. PDF)
Gleaning (1 p. PDF)
Community Food Security Primer (7 pp. PDF)