Red raspberries on vine.

Evaluating alternative farming enterprises

by Craig Chase, FFED program manager At FFED, we get a lot of questions from both beginning and established farmers about alternative agricultural enterprises. These can range from hops to other horticultural crops to dairy goats to organic crops in general.  The reason for farmers’ interest varies. Profitability from conventional corn and soybeans has been poor for … Continue reading Evaluating alternative farming enterprises

Group touring packing shed.

Building capacity with Iowa’s local food coordinators

by Leigh Adcock, communications specialist It’s a job title that didn’t exist a decade ago. Now Iowa’s local food coordinators play a unique and crucial role in the development of robust local food systems statewide. Right now, about 10 coordinators serve 75 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Some work for extension. Others report to local governments … Continue reading Building capacity with Iowa’s local food coordinators