Business Planning

If you care about the financial impact of your farm business on your personal and family economy, or will ever need to borrow money, you need a business plan. A business plan will help you cover all aspects of your farm enterprise, from assessing your current assets, to developing a vision, mission and goals, to the specific strategic plan that will get you to these goals. The strategic plan will include marketing, operations, human resources and financial strategies.

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Knowing what is happening financially is necessary to assess profitability, to set prices, and to enable decisions about products, purchases, and the development of the business. Fearless Farm Finances


You can find a lot of resources online. Here are just a few we recommend:

Useful contacts

Contact our Enterprise Development team for information on business planning, as well as contact information for assistance in marketing, feasibility studies and business planning.

SCORE Iowa is a non profit association dedicated to helping start up business (including farm enterprises) through education and mebtorship. Their work is supported by the US Small Business Administration and a large network of volunteers (usually retired business professionals). They provide mentors, free counseling and business tools, as well as workshops (locally and online).

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