Community Food Systems Program (formerly Ag Urbanism Toolkit)

November 16, 2015

by Courtney Long, program coordinator

The Community Food Systems Program is led by ISU’s Community Design Lab in partnership with the ISU Extension and Outreach Local Foods Program, with funding from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

It incorporates a process that promotes public interest through engagement with community leaders, leading to a holistic design incorporating community values around food. We use community food systems design tactics to promote local food system revitalization in communities.

The program has the potential to improve food security, create resilient communities, promote social equity, increase environmental diversity, and build financial sustainability for individuals and communities.

Learn about our annual event at this link.


The Agricultural Urbanism Toolkit booklet is a resource for communities to learn about community food systems design and the tactics used to develop local food systems. You can use it as a full book, or download portions about specific tactics.

In the booklet, you will find an overview of agricultural urbanism as a design strategy. We also include a brief synopsis of the Community Food Systems Program design process, and its role in local food system development.

The booklet provides an overview of 19 types of projects ranging from small- to large-scale, from gardening to urban farming to food hubs. Each tactic describes the goal, community benefits, and community outcomes.

We include best management practices nationally, as well as local practices from communities that have partnered in the Community Food Systems Program design process.

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