Summer Programs

Summer Day Camps for Children Grades K-8

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Fayette County 4-H offers quality summer camps in our communities.  The day-long camps are educational, interactive, and sure to keep your child's attention.  There are a limited number of spots available for each camp.

Registration Fee: is listed by each camp description below.  We offer quality, affordable programs and don't want cost to be a barrier - financial assistance is available.

Participants should bring a lunch for each camp day. Snacks and all activity supplies are included. 

Registration deadline is one week prior to camp date. Many camp dates fill quickly so don't delay in signing up!  Registrations are completed using 4hOnline.  A help sheet is below.

Summer camp themes, dates and locations will be available Spring 2023!


Day Camp Descriptions

Art Around the World (4th-6th graders)

Explore six ecosystems while leaning about their multiple characteristics of each: rainforest, taiga, deserts, tundra, grasslands and oceans. Along the youth's expedition they will they will document their findings with illustrations, using different media and artiest that are known for their works in similar ecosystems. Some of the media being used with include:  oil pastels, oil paint, ceramic, watercolor, and acrylic paint.  Limited to 20 youth.

BBQ Beef (4th-8th graders)

This program will introduce participants to charcoal grilling methods. Youth will explore meat science topics of beef, food labeling, and cookery. Participants also will learn food safety and techniques for creating the perfect burger. Each participant will be able to create their own recipe and practice grilling burgers. Limited to 20 youth.

BBQ Pork (4th-8th graders)

This program will introduce participants to grilling methods, including cooking with gas and charcoal. Youth will explore various meat cuts and how cooking temperatures and the composition of the meat can affect the barbecuing process. Participants will learn how to incorporate meat into a healthy diet, food safety and techniques such as using rubs, marinades and seasonings. Limited to 20 youth.

Busy Bees (4th-6th graders)

Experience life as a native bee, in the Wild About Native Bees day camp. In this camp, youth will learn about native bees and their importance as pollinators of food crops. Youth will explore the role of native bees as pollinators through modeling as they get food for themselves and their young while at the same time helping food crops produce fruit for us to eat. Youth will discuss challenges the native bees face and use a map to show how creating and reserving habitat can help native bee populations. Youth should leave the program understanding that without native bees and other pollinators, we wouldn’t have many of the foods we eat every day. Youth apply what they have learned and participate in citizen science by making bee nests to take home and observe. Limited to 20 youth.

Creative Hearts (K-3rd graders)

Join us for a fun, messy day focused on exploring all the interesting and wonderful things about art. Lessons utilize a range of process-focused and product-focused art experiences to teach children a basic understanding of the foundational art elements of line, shape, color, form, and texture through integrated art-literacy activities. Projects will be hands-on and incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) concepts! We’ll explore both 2D and 3D art using a variety of materials and techniques. Participants will learn to embrace their curiosity and individuality as they develop artistic skills and techniques with lots of fun!

Edible Science (4th-6th graders)

Our goal is to teach the scientific method, with focus on developing a hypothesis, testing, and getting a result. Youth involved in Cooking Up Science: Clover Cookie Factory will increase their: Affinity towards science, Confidence/self-efficacy in science, Ability to see science principles at use in their everyday lives.

Fun with Bots (K-3rd graders)

It’s never too early to learn coding! This interactive program is designed to engage K-3rd graders in hands-on robotics and coding opportunities. Youth will be introduced to basic coding concepts through games, robots, and block-based coding programs. This day camp builds problem-solving and creative skills while having a blast with ROBOTS!  Limited to 20 youth.

Messy Scientist (K-3rd graders)

Explore the wonders of science by creating  experiments with every day materials to watch them bubble, fizz and goo. Youth will learn about matter in it’s three states, make slime and much more as they observe chemical and physical changes before their eyes! Limited to 20 youth.

Pint-sized Chefs (K-3rd graders)

What do happy kids, healthy foods and messy tables have in common? They are all part of the new Kids in the Kitchen program offered through ISU Extension and Outreach. Eating healthy and cooking skills go hand in hand. Kids in the Kitchen is designed to give elementary age children hands-on experience with making and eating healthy foods that are easy to prepare and inexpensive.  Limited to 20 youth.


Fayette County 4-H staff are here to help!

Contact or call 563-425-3331 and we will get you connected with the right person.

Location Details & Addresses

  • Clermont City Park, 813 State Street
  • Gilbertson Nature Center, 22580 A Avenue
  • Lutheran Church, 405 Franklin Street
  • Schori Park, 405 Franklin Street
  • Fayette Community Church, 205 W. State Street
  • Fayette County Extension Office, 218 S. Main Street
  • Klocks Island Park, 1000 W. Water Street (Highway 93)
  • Hauth Park, East Wilbur Street
  • Maynard City Park, 475 First Street North
  • Maynard Community Hall, 135 3rd Street South
  • RAMS Center, 1400 Technology Drive
  • Wings Park, Corner of 8th Avenue NE & 3rd Street NE
  • Twin Bridges Park, 13112 O Avenue (3 miles north of Maynard)
  • Wadena City Park, East 3rd Avenue
  • Waucoma City Park, 101 3rd Street SE
  • Westgate City Park, 140 Jamison Street North
West Union
  • 4-H Building, Fayette County Fairgrounds, 504 S. Vine Street
  • Lions Park, 104 Madison Street