YQCA Online Instructions

YQCA Online Course Instructions
Fayette County and Iowa 4-H transitioned to the YQCA program last year. 
Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is an online system that allows youth 4th-12th grade to either take a yearly online training, at their convenience for a cost of $12 per person or completing a county wide face-to-face training for $3.00. The Youth Development Committee is covering the $3 fee for Fayette County 4-H members. No compensation will be offered for those completing the training online.
Attending a face to face class or completing the online course is mandatory in order to show your livestock at the 2020 Fayette County Fair or Iowa State Fair. Horse, pet and dog exhibitors do not require YQCA certification.
To complete YQCA online please do the following:

1. Go to https://learngrow.io/
2. Select your organization by clicking “Youth for the Quality Care of Animals”.
3. 4-H members must log in using your 4-H Online information.
4. Once entered, select the appropriate age course as of 1/1/2020.
5. Select Iowa in the state field, and then select training.
6. Follow the steps to complete the registration and start the course.

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