Contracts & Grants

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I'm in a County Extension Office.  What is the correct Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A), or indirect cost rate that should be used when applying for grants?

This template should be used for Fee-for-Service or Revenue generation with customers when necessary.  It is customized for educational programs and presentations.

This template should be used when providing a fee-for-service with a University approved fee rate. This Agreement is provided by the University Legal Counsel and provides legal language for materials transfer and confidentiality. Note that a speaking and educational Program Agreement is also available on the Extension and Finance Contracts and Grants website.

Many sponsors will want strong evidence of a need for funding.  This document might help get you started.

County Extension Offices often serve as subcontractors for ISU when federal funding is involved. This is a quick reference on completing the forms required by ISU's OSPA at award initiation.

Summary of what Facility and Administrative (F&A), or indirect cost rate should be applied toward grants and proposals at Iowa State University.

The Vice President for Research website has links to Pivot and other opportunities to search for private and public funding.