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Contracts and Grants

Meet the Contracts and Grants staff at ISU Extension and Outreach

I'm in a County Extension Office.  What is the correct Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A), or indirect cost rate that should be used when applying for grants?

This template should be used for Fee-for-Service or Revenue generation with customers when necessary.  It is customized for educational programs and presentations.

This template should be used when providing a fee-for-service with a University approved fee rate. This Agreement is provided by the University Legal Counsel and provides legal language for materials transfer and confidentiality. Note that a speaking and educational Program Agreement is also available on the Extension and Finance Contracts and Grants website.

Many sponsors will want strong evidence of a need for funding.  This document might help get you started.


About Us

ISU Extension Finance is responsible for the following:

  • Manage ISU Extension's Federal & State allocation of funds, including: budgeting, analysis and financial reporting.
  • Advise ISU Extension staff on Federal and State compliance issues.
  • Provide fiscal assistance to the Program Directors and Regional Directors.
  • Manage and approve personnel actions for all ISU paid Extension employees.
  • Manage the ISU Extension Federal Employee Programs: CSRS, FERS, TSP & FEGLI.
  • Manage ISU Extension grants and contracts including budgeting and post award financial reporting, managed through campus, and provide training and guidance to counties for grants administered through Extension Districts.