Why should you join (Membership Benefits) :

  • Eight awards available from early to late career.
  • $500 scholarships available to attend national meeting or for professional development.
  • Up to $1,000 grants available to enhance professionalism in the Extension system.
  • Develop working relationships and a spirit of fellowship among present and retired Extension staff
  • Increased camaraderie among all Extension staff including administration, campus, field and retirees
  • Raise the awareness and opportunities for membership regarding international experiences.

Membership Dues 

Associate Membership — During first year of Extension employment - **Ask how Associate Membership could be FREE to you!
Annual Membership — After completing a full year of Extension employment. ($68 for first year full membership, $60 to renew annually thereafter)
Life Membership — Faculty and those who will retire in a current year or former employees who chose not to join when they retired. ($225 one time fee)

Instructions on How to Enroll, or Re-enroll as a Member



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Contact our Current Officers if you have questions.