Youth and Horses

Iowa 4-H and Youth Horse and Pony

Iowa 4-H and Youth Horse and Pony

Horse and Pony is an exciting 4-H project area because you can participate in whether you own a horse or not! Discover all the aspects about raising and riding horses.

  • Appreciate riding as recreation
  • Learn horsemanship skills and understand breeding, training, and raising of horses as a business
  • Acquire skills in horse management by owning and being responsible for an animal
The Extravaganza

Equine Extravaganza

Equine Extravaganza provides opportunities for all youth in grades 4 through 12 to share their knowledge of the equine industry through a variety of competitions and participatory events. Select opportunities are also open to young people in third grade.

Preparing for Hippology and Quiz Bowl

Preparing for Hippology and Quiz Bowl

Studying for either contest is similar since the reference material is similar. The major difference is Horse Quiz Bowl asks a question and the youth answers, where Hippology asks questions via a written examination, slides, and stations. Practice each time the club meets. Have youth write questions or provide classroom activities.

4H Horse and Pony ID

4H Horse and Pony ID

Description on how to ID your horse or pony for Iowa 4-H horse activities

Equine Activities and Information for Youth

Horse Bingo -- Vibrant Clubs

For an equine enthusiast, there are horse terms that are important and necessary for any horse and their handler to communicate with others in the equine industry. Play Horse Bingo to learn horse jargon by defining commonly used terms for describing, grooming, and showing horses in 4-H. Bingo is a fun game of chance played on a scorecard that’s made up of 25 squares — if you get 5 squares in a row, you win!

Horse Communication -- Vibrant Clubs

Communication uses natural aids to encourage the horse to execute an action. For example, you use your legs, hands, and seat to ask the horse to walk forward. Voice or talking to a horse is also a natural aid but not allowed in many show ring classes. Simon Says is a great activity to keep youth busy and active. Play Simon Says to learn about cues to communicate with horses.

Horse Facts Game Show - Vibrant Clubs

This game teaches youth some basic facts about horse care, colors, markings, tack, and riding classes. Horse care includes the basic needs of housing, nutrition, hygiene, and disease management. To use a horse for showing, one must identify the horse using colors and markings. In addition, youth need to know how to place the correct tack on the horses for riding or showing. Play the game by identifying images related to caring for and showing horses.

Horse and Pony Project Area Guide

The horse and pony project area is exciting because you can participate whether you own a horse or not! Discover all the aspects of raising and riding horses.

Iowa 4-H Equitation and Horsemanship Skills Assessment

The Equitation and Horsemanship Skills Assessment Program provides an optional, planned progression of skill development to promote safety, equitation, and horsemanship. The program offers a check-list for youth to be involved and succeed, regardless of their riding style, skill, or ability.

Iowa 4-H Horse Lease Agreement

Lease agreement to use a horse or pony in Iowa 4-H horse shows

Measurement Procedure for Horses and Ponies

How to properly measure the height of horses and ponies

Record Keeping Worksheet Horse and Pony

Intended for intermediate and senior 4-Hers allowing for more complete management information on multiple horses. The fillable PDF is editable to be filled out online, saved, and then printed. The printable PDF can be printed and completed manually.

Rules and Regulations for 4-H Equine Shows in Iowa

This detailed handbook is a guide for 4-H'ers, 4-H leaders, county extension staff, show managers, judges, and others responsible for conducting 4-H light horse shows in Iowa.

Equine Education Network

Equine Education Network

The Equine Education Network is designed to help you with the task of finding the "right" college and equine program for you.

Equine programs, degrees, and options are as unique and diverse as breeds of horses. The Equine Education Network puts this information at your fingertips by providing direct links to the equine programs that are offered by colleges and universities across the country.