State Racing Commission

State Racing Commission

Racing front viewDescription:  The state racing commission or racing authority will vary slightly from state to state. The commission generally oversees the licensing within the industry. Positions such as commissioner and executive secretary are generally appointed while the remaining are hired positions. The role of the commission for all states is generally to uphold the integrity, ensure safety, promote the breeding and racing of horses, oversee the parimutual industry while serving in a regulatory capacity to enforce legal compliance. For many states the charge of the commission is simply the racing of horses. In other states, such as Pennsylvania, there are separate racing commissions for throughbred and harness racing. The Racing Commission also covers greyhound racing in Arkansas, Arizona and West Virginia. In Minnesota the commission also has jurisdiction over card-playing. In addition to horse and greyhound racing, the Arizona Racing Commission also oversees boxing, kickboxing, tough man and mixed martial arts competitions.  This is an overview of positions, requirements and other pertinent information relevant to horse racing.

Proximity to Horses: Variable

Specific careers related to state racing commissions:

  • Commissioner
  • Executive Secretary
  • Assistant Racing Secretary
  • Commission Racing Steward
  • Commission Veterinarian
  • Commission Pathologist
  • Toxicology/Chemical Laboratory Director & Staff
  • Racing Research Director & Staff
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Enforcement Division Chief
  • Licensing Division Chief
  • Personnel Division Chief
  • Commission Clerical Support Staff
  • Special Investigator
  • Field Investigator

Educational Programs: