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Horse Project Leaders Needs Assessment

Equine Science LogoThe Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Equine Program is conducting a statewide Equine Needs Assessment Survey to identify the educational needs of the horse project leaders. We are asking for your thoughts and input on a variety of topics, events and training's related to your role as equine project leaders. The survey results will be used to develop effective, science-based, equine education programs and resources aimed at improving the management and enjoyment of equine. The survey is voluntary, anonymous and should take about 15 minutes. You may skip questions you are not comfortable answering and withdraw from participating at any time. Your responses will not be linked directly to you by name, as all data will be combined and used in summary form only. Thank you for your helping us continue to improve the Iowa 4-H equine project.

Horse Project Leaders Needs Assessment Survey

4H Horse and Pony ID

4-H Horse and Pony ID

  • 4H Horse4-H animals are to be identified by May 15th and State Fair eligible horses need photos uploaded into 4hOnline by May 15th.
  • Read the 4-H 202 publication, “Iowa 4-H Livestock Show Requirements - Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State and Interstate Shows”.
  • Ownership is required of the 4-H animal. However, Horses have an official lease (4H 106 CL) option as a 4-H project. The 4-H’er must complete a lease form. Only showmanship, riding or driving horses are eligible for lease; horses in halter/conformation classes, cannot be leased and must be owned by the 4-H’er.
  • Horse and dog project animals can be identified by more than one 4-H member provided the members are all 4-H members and are siblings. Sibling definition includes brother, sister or step-siblings with one common parent/guardian. The same animal(s) cannot be identified by one sibling in 4-H and another sibling in FFA.
  • Maximum of 5 head can be identified; of those, a max. of 2 may be leased
  • Registration papers are required for State Fair halter classes (upload to 4hOnline or present papers at check-in)

Congratulations Story County Hippology & Quiz Bowl

Iowa Western 4-H Nationals Results

Story County 2018 4H TeamsHippology Team - Bianca Sponseller, Jordan Rydl and Kylene Harold

  • Kylene Harold – 1st Place Written Exam, 5th Place Stations, 4th Place Overall High Point Individual
  • Jordan Rydl – 8th place Horse Judging
  • Bianca Sponseller – 10th place (tie)
  • 5th Place Written Exam
  • 5th Place Stations
  • 4th Place Horse Judging
  • 4th Place Team Problems
  • 4th place OVERALL TEAM STANDINGS OF 12 States Participating

Quiz Bowl Team: Claira Miller, Lindsey Donnelly, Kat Hawley and Brody Bents

  • Claira Miller – 3rd place by number of questions answered
  • Kat Hawley – 7th place
  • Lindsey Donnelly – 10th place (tie)
  • 4th place OVERALL TEAM STANDINGS of 10 states participation

Animal Science 4-H Horse Roundup

Twelve 4-H members from around the state gathered to participate in Animal Science Roundup this June 23-25. Animal Science Roundup is an extension of the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference that takes place every year at Iowa State University’s campus. The horse section is organized by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Specialist Peggy Auwerda. 

Wrapping a leg
4H Roundup Youth Wrapping a Leg

Students are selected to participate and gain hands-on learning experience. The first day of the program consisted of Nikki Ferwerda, the horse farm supervisor collecting a stallion and discussing semen evaluation. Next, leg models were used to allow youth to practice wrapping legs. The second day consisted of a trip to Prairie Meadows Backside and Track side. Jon Moss, Executive Director of the Iowa H.B.P.A. gave a wonderful tour and discussion of horse racing. The youth were allowed to discuss the horses training on the track, visit the jockeys room and assess equipment, visit the area where urine or blood specimens are obtained from the first or second place finishers after a race and visit the track office where horses are signed up to race. The afternoon consisted of the youth learning to body condition score and measure weight in horses, evaluate a digestive tract and Kirk Hatfield discussed Ranch Riding.

The last day of Animal Science Roundup included a skillathon and quiz bowl where the youth are quizzed over the items they learned about at Roundup.

Prairie Meadows Racetrack Test Barn
Jon Moss and Dr. John Sweeney discussing
the test barn at Prairie Meadows Racetrack &



2020 Equine Extravaganza

We all know that having horses requires more than just jumping on and riding!  One way to help youth get motivated to learn more about the science behind horses is to encourage them to get involved in Equine Extravaganza.

Horse eventsSave the dates for the 2020 Equine Extravaganza – March 20-22!  This is held at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls.  It isn’t too soon to start gathering a team! The following activities are part of this event:          

  • Horse Quiz Bowl – Friday evening
  • Hippology – Saturday
  • Horseless Horse exhibit judging – Saturday
  • Public Speaking contest – Saturday
  • Team and individual Demonstration contest – Saturday
  • Horse Judging Contest – Sunday
  • 4-H Horse Judges certification – Sunday
  • Model Horse - Sunday

Information from previous years is available now on this website:  Please check back for information that will be updated for 2020 shortly after the first of the year.

If you have never participated before, consider attending this year and observing or if you don’t mind jumping in, consider encouraging youth to participate! 

Additional resources for quiz bowl and Hippology include:

If you are looking to start a horse judging team, consider checking out some of these resources:

Video Resources:

Some great publications: 

Online subscription resources:

Lastly, if you haven’t joined our 4-H Horse Project Leaders Facebook page, please consider this your invitation to do so!

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