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The Sport of Reining

Imagine going top speed on a horse running circles and run-downs at the edge of an arena. Dirt is flying everywhere, you get an adrenaline rush from the thrill of the ride, and your horse is moving at a high rate of speed at 3.9 meters per second. This style of western riding is called reining, where the rider must skillfully execute their horse through a pattern with a high amount of difficulty. A panel of judges, which will be discussed later also, scores the pattern that they complete. Reining is a unique discipline, because the trainer and rider are one in the same. There must be a high level of communication between the horse and rider. In other disciplines, the trainer and rider are usually two different people. There are many hours of dedication and practice in which a trainer will prepare horses for reining competition.


The Evaluation and Training of Arabian Endurance Racing

Traveling distances up to over 600 miles per race, Arabian equine endurance racing pushes the horse and rider’s athletic ability to the maximum threshold. Unlike short distance equine speed racing, this sport opens up to all breeds and ages (over 4 years-old) that have been properly conditioned but the Arabian dominates the sport due to their natural stamina and endurance capabilities. An average event propels the pair through trails (Figure 1) between 50-100 miles long over a period up to 24 hours long; however, the elite desert races can reach distances over 200 miles total and durations over 30 hours long (Mcfarland, 2014; Horsetalk, 2001). Equine endurance race events are found all over the world and take place through any weather, terrain, and time of the year.