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Dubuque County Horse & Pony Camp

Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 9:00am to Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 5:00pm
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This is a residential, overnight equine camp open to boys and girls in grades 4-12. Campers will bring their horse to camp and participate in a variety of activities.


A Summery Summer Summary

A summary of my wonderful summer and school plans. This summer was a slow grind of online classes and a whirlwind of working. This summer I worked as a wrangler at the Mair Farm and Stables Summer Camp.

Blitzen Stopping and Eating on the Trail
Blitzen eating

One of many trail rides where Blitzen the kid broke pony would start eating and refuse to move 

My highlights include:

  • Being called Abby, Ally, Bebe, Ab, Mom, Teacher, Ma’am, Lady, Wrangler, Miss Wrangler, Mrs. Wrangler
  • Dyeing the white hackney pony Daphne’s mane and tail rainbow colors to transform her into “Daphne the Unicorn”
  • Driving my favorite team of “the blues”, two blue roan half sister quarter ponies named Gem and Jade to Casey’s for some midweek ice cream
  • Getting to see kids thrive out of their comfort zones both on the ground and on horseback

In addition to working, I took a couple classes this summer including AnS 352, Micro 302, and two courses of Spanish. By far the most challenging was remembering all of my Spanish and getting to talk to native Spanish speakers from all over the world through Boomerang. I got to know many of them very well through our Skype style conversations, and I even walked my laptop all the way down to the pastures to show my favorite teacher Rosalita my two horses. In my two weeks of actual (non-class summer), I went to Decorah and kayaked down the Iowa River with my cousin, and only flipped over a handful of times. 

All in all this summer was a success. I am a little closer to graduating in May and a little further from running out of gas money anytime soon. This will hopefully be my last summer working as a wrangler and taking summer classes, looking forward to this semester and Uganda in the Spring!


Giving a saddle demo

Giving a Saddling Demo at the Camp