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May 22: Zoo and the streets of Sao Paulo

Today we went to the zoo and walked around what they call China Town and what would be similar to our Wall Street. 

At the zoo they had your typical animals for any zoo that would be from other countries, but what I found weird was that many of them were those who were indigenous to Brazil. The zoo was very large, though we did not get to see everything in the few hours that we were there, it amazed me that there was no aquatic animals besides seals and some reptiles that lived on both land and in water. They had a lot of turtles, some even the same species in multiple habitats. They also had like steps/bleacher things that you could stand on for certain animals that would be more popular so that you could see the certain parts of the habitat better. 

From there we went to what was called China Town were there was many food venders and just about any type of vender that you could think of. Some girls got their names on rice, some got names written in wire. The food vendors had many varieties and a wide range of options for backgrounds of the foods. What I didn't realize until we were walking down them that the steps to the subway was like in the middle of China town. The subway was like any subway but we had to buy the ticket and you could go one way for a really cheap price. When we came out of the subway there was a street band singing in English. This street was their business/political street that was usually really busy with traffic was actually shut down and people were walking all around on the street with no cars. They do this every Sunday and have like a market on one side and a antique flea market type thing on the other. Though I describe it as that, these venders I felt like were a lot fancier than the other venders that we saw.