Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales

Career opportunities related to the sale of equine real estate facilities.

Description:   Sales of horse farms may be conducted in many ways (through representatives and public auctions). 

Proximity to Horses: Distant

Specific careers related to nutrition:

  • Appraisers – evaluate the appropriate price for the property
  • Auctioneers and assistants – manage the sales process for sales by auction
  • Clerical staff – assist in the sales process
  • Farm organizations – provide insight into local and state ordinances and provisions to protect/credit the farm owner.
  • Marketing personnel – provide promotional materials in appropriate places to attract potential buyers.
  • Real estate agents – may serve as agents for either buyers or sellers specializing in land for agricultural uses.

Preparation Required: Licensing is required in all states and the District of Columbia

Pasture on A horse ranch with a house and fence, old farm house

Photo Credit: Adobestock