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Career ideas related to equine nutrition.

Description:  This section is related to the production, delivery and utilization of feed and feedstuffs for utilization by the wide range of animals represented by the equine industry, each having specific needs. The following may be found either self-employed or employed by a farm operation or by a major feed company producing bulk products.

Proximity to Horses: Distant

Specific careers related to nutrition:

  • Clerical: manage accounts, deliveries, etc.
  • Feed Processors/mills: process raw products and mixes rations as needed to meet horse needs
  • Marketing: help increase sales of their products, build company reputation
  • Nutritionists: develop rations to meet the horse’s specific needs based on maintenance needs and level of performance expected
  • Producers: produce grain, hay, other commodity products for consumption by the equine industry either as is or for further processing and mixing
  • Researchers: responsible for the development of new products; nutrition research also frequently conducted at the university level
  • Transportation/haulers: delivers products in raw and finished form as needed

Preparation Required:  Preparation needed will vary from CDL's for haulers to degrees in equine nutrition for nutritionists and researchers. 

Educational Opportunities:

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