Horse Sales

Horse Sales

Horse saleOverview of careers associated with the sale of horses and semen. (Auctioneer, Bloodstock Agent, Grooms, Marketing, Publicists, Handlers)

Description:  Sales may be conducted in many ways (through representatives and public auctions) and may consist of sales of semen (except in the thoroughbred industry) or animals.

Proximity to Horses: Variable

Specific careers related to horse sales:

  • Auctioneer and assistants
  • Bloodstock Agents
  • Clerical staff
  • Facility managers
  • Grooms
  • Marketing personnel
  • Professional handlers
  • Publicists

Preparation Required:  Certification requirements vary from state to state and frequently also from location to location.  You will want to check the requirements in the area in which you plan to work.

Educational Opportunities:

Related Associations and Other Links:  Most, if not all, states have a state auctioneer association.  Check for one in your state.  They may or may not have members and services in the equine area, but should provide support for auctioneers within the association, regardless of specialty.