2020 Iowa Horse Judges Directory

The judge’s directory provides a list of potential judges for committees to consider when selecting judges for open and 4-H shows in Iowa. 

Judges appearing on the list have met the following minimum requirements:

  1. Received a minimum grade of 85% on practical judging classes and 80% on a written examination.
  2. Attended a horse judge’s certification clinic at least once every three years.
  3. Completed an approved application form.
  4. Exception:  Judges who hold national breed judging cards and/or are approved 4-H judges from other states have completed the application form and have been approved by the state 4-H horse program committee.

To use the directory:

  1. Judges are listed as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
    1. Level 1 - judges must have 5 years judging experience or hold a national breed card.
    2. Level 2 - three years judging experience and/or collegiate judging experience.
    3. Level 3 - judges have recently started attended and passed the judges certification clinic and exam.
  2.  Show size indicates the size of show the judges are comfortable judging.
    1. Small Shows (classes of 15 horses or less)
    2. Medium Shows (classes of 35 horses or less)
    3. Large Shows (classes of 35 horses or more)
  3.  Judges were asked to rate their experience/preference for judging in the following categories. A is the most experienced or preferred classes, and F is the least experienced or preferred classes.
    • A = Most experienced/preferred class, extensive experience with judging classes
    • B = Class requirements well known, several experiences with judging classes
    • C = Familiar with class requirements, some experience with judging classes
    • D = Familiar with class requirements, a small amount of experience with judging classes
    • E = Somewhat familiar with class requirements, very little judging of these classes
    • = Unfamiliar with class requirements – have not judged these classes
  4. Judging team experience indicates the judge was on a 4-H/FFA or collegiate judging team.

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To view the directory click on City, Name or Experience Level to sort the list. Click on the individuals name to view information on the judge.


Horse Judges Directory

State City Name Experience Level
IA Iowa Falls Joe Humphrey Level 1
IA Jewell Jerry Sharer Level 1
IA Toledo Larry Kilmer Level 2
IA Orange City Rhianna Wallace Level 2
IA Glenwood Denise Jens Level 3
IA Cresco Darlene Vsetecka Level 1
IA Randall Caitlyn Hodnefield Level 3
IA Van Meter Shelby Dunbar Level 1
IA Waverly Shannon Moeller Level 3
IA Grinnell Amy Jordan Level 2
IA Grimes Cassie Willis Level 2
IA Truro Mary Pohlmann Level 1
IA Decorah Tom Shroyer Level 1
IA St. Charles Tamela Mondo Level 3
IA Ankeny Martha Loney Level 2
IA Elberon Myra Crawford Level 3
IA Holstein Keith Byers Level 3
IA Red Oak Katherine Jordan Level 1
IA Fort Dodge Mardi Ratzlaff Level 2
IA Colo Emily Miller Level 1
IA Duncombe Kris Fleener Level 1
IA Peterson Justin Britton Level 3
IA Ames Jillian LaRue Level 1
IA Iowa City Cheyenne Flory Level 3
IA Muscatine Kayla Skidmore Level 3
IA Cedar Falls Judi Nelson Level 1
IA Marion Andrea Nicole Postolka Level 3
IA Algona Heather Faber Level 1
IA Marion Miranda Morris Level 2
IA Muscatine Katie Schaapveld Level 1
IA Knoxville Camryn Norton Level 3
IA Waverly Kathy Krukow Level 1
IA Watkins Katie Stien Level 1
IA Gowrie Trevor Kalahar Level 3
IA Waukon Emily Rocksvold Level 1
IA Bernard Katie Connolly Level 2
IA Marshalltown Sierra Hagedon (Kubik) Level 2
IA Marshalltown Katie Poling Level 3
IA Oakland Tammie Shellberg Level 1
IA Hinton Sheila Smith Level 3
IA Muscatine Kayla Skidmore Level 3
IA Slater Paul Amundson Level 1
IA Riverside Kristin Fuhrman Level 1
IA Solon Ann Kaska Level 3
IA Decorah Jen Soland Level 2
IA Eldridge Gail Stevens Level 1
IA Calamus Clark Darien Level 1
IA Lake Park Amanda Sether Level 1
IA Panora Lynn Milks Level 1
IA Des Moines Jordan Anderson Level 2