Equipment, Supplies & Transportation

Equipment, Supplies & Transportation

Equine saddles, bridles, starting gates, jumps, transportation, stalls.

Description:  Many types and pieces of equipment are required for the various segments of the equine industry. From saddles and bridles to starting gates, jumps and modes of transportation, the list is great. Because of stylish aspects of many pieces of equipment, opportunities for specialization in the restoration of older pieces of equipment also exist. 

Proximity to Horses: Variable

Specific careers related to equipment & supplies:

  • Antique restoration and collection
  • Clinicians: demonstrate the use of the products
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Sales: may be either direct or through trade shows
  • Specialized planes, trucks, vans, trailers, and support equipment for recreational or commercial travel

Preparation Required:   Some positions in this group require highly specialized training, such as engineering degrees, while others may result from simply learning and practicing a trade to gain experience.