Equine Careers

Sam Wozney in FloridaOverview of careers available in the equine industry and information to help individuals begin their career search. Many opportunities exist that allow one to work both directly and indirectly with horses. The goal of this website is to assist you in recognizing the variety of opportunities that are available in the equine industry that best fit with career objectives. This is in no way intended to be an all-inclusive list nor will it answer all of your questions.

Identify careers that are of interest to you. For the careers...

  • Spend time in a career-resource library, online, or visiting with individuals currently involved in your chosen vocation
  • Identify the educational background that will best help you achieve your career goal. Some positions may require only experience while others may require highly specialized degrees. 
  • Look for opportunities to participate in internships or job-shadowing opportunities to gain experience and develop your career network. Internships also allow you to more fully experience your desired career and more accurately determine whether or not it will be something you will enjoy. 
  • Determine what the application procedure is to achieve your desired position. In some cases, you may simply complete a job application while other careers may require some form of apprenticeship.


Equine Agritourism consists of trail rides, horseback riding lessons, horse camps, boarding facilities, reproduction services, dude ranches and horse racing where horses and entertainment co-exist.


Many breed and riding or driving styles have their own specialized apparel requirements for participation, some of which are related to style while others may be required for safety.


An overview of various equine associations related to breed, discipline, common interest with emphasis on career opportunities.


An very brief overview of the bedding industry associated with horses.


An overview of careers associated with equine reproduction, equine breeding, rules associated with breeding, etc.

Business Management

Equine business management accountant advertising attorney marketing, public relations, sales


Each breed and riding or driving style produces its own publications on a regular basis for communications with members and potential members.  There are also communications that relate to the horse industry in general.  Communications may range from websites, email newsletters, printed publications available by subscription to books.


Equine education encompasses a wide range of possibilities from informal workshops and clinics to advanced degrees.


Horses are frequently involved in entertainment. Entertainers may be contracted for events such as fairs, or to provide specific horses and activities in the motion picture industry.

Equipment, Supplies & Transportation

Equine saddles, bridles, starting gates, jumps, transportation, stalls.

Event Management

Each breed, riding, or driving style has its own events at the state, regional, and national levels with some going to international competitions. These generally include some form of competition either in the show ring or on a race course and have a public spectator component.


Overview of equine facility opportunities including a career listing and links to professional associations, public facilities and other facility links.

Farm and Ranch Management

Overview of careers, educational opportunities and associations available in the area of horse farm and ranch management.


Equine career associated with the care of the hoof.


Careers associated with equine health including administration, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, marketers, researchers, etc.

Horse Sales

Overview of careers associated with the sale of horses and semen. (Auctioneer, Bloodstock Agent, Grooms, Marketing, Publicists, Handlers)

Legislation and Government

Overview of careers related to equine legislation and understanding of government.


Equine public relations, marketing specialists, audio, visual design, web design, track photographer


Career ideas related to equine nutrition.

Racing Careers

Careers related to horse racing, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Quarter Horse

State Racing Commission

The commission generally oversees the licensing within the industry. Positions such as commissioner and executive secretary are generally appointed while the remaining are hired positions

Real Estate Sales

Career opportunities related to sale of equine real estate facilities.

Track Management, Administrative Staff & Wagering Department

Careers related to horse race track management, administrative staff and the wagering department.

Therapeutic Riding Careers

Another area of the equine industry which is experiencing growing support is therapeutic riding.  Therapeutic riding is used to improve the quality of life for individuals with physical or mental disabilities. 


Career Opportunities in the area of equine training