Master Equine Manager - Knowledge for All Horse Owners

MEM Logo The Master Equine Manager program originally started as a county activity but as the internet developed it was redesigned to accommodate people’s busy schedule's. You can sign up anytime as well as take the lessons anytime. The goal is to provide horse owners and enthusiasts with a comprehensive education program that teaches the science of horse management. The course consists of four modules with 2 or 3 lessons within each module. They are listed below along with registration fees. For each lesson there are videos, articles, discussion of the topic, links to related videos and/or articles and activities. Examples of activities include drag and drop, crossword puzzle, matching topic to questions and many more. I also included what is covered within the lessons and the objectives for each lesson.

Each lesson has a quiz associated with the subject. The quiz is multiple choice or true/false. You are required to pass the quiz with an 80% or better. You have multiple opportunities to pass the quiz. Once you have completed all of the lessons you will receive a certificate, name badge, opportunity to purchase clothes with the logo on the clothing, added to a network of others who have completed the program, thorough access to a vast source of resources within the lessons. Business owners can use the certificate to help promote their program. This summer the next program Master Equine Professional will be released. Individuals will need to have completed the MEM program to participate in the 2nd program.

Depending on your location, an optional Master Equine Manager hands-on supplemental course is offered at select locations including Iowa State University, Ames, IA; Waterloo, IA, the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. One goal of ours is to develop the opportunity for business owners or schools to hold an optional program.

More information is available on the Master Equine Manager website, To purchase the online learning modules, click here!

Master Equine Manager e-Modules and Registration Fee

Welfare of Horses


Adult (19 & Over)

High School Students

  • Understanding Horse Behavior

  • Equine Quality Assurance



  • Facilities and Equipment




Horse Nutrition


$90 $50

  • Forages for Horses

  • Feeds and Feeding



Horse Health


$90 $50

  • Equine Emergency Treatment



  • Diseases and Parasites




Selection of Horses


$90 $50

  • Conformation and Evaluation

  • Unsoundness’s & Blemishes



Purchase All Four


$310 $150

Optional Workshop




  • New Master Equine Manager’s - Included after completion of 2 modules

  • Former Master Equine Manager’s
$40 $40