Spending time with horses can improve your health!

Horses can give us emotional solance and physical support, allowing people to tare away from worries, stress, and personal problems we face in our daily lives.       

Nationally, health risks associated with stress have sky-rocketed in the past few years. Anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure and heart attacks are on the rise and society usually resolves these issues through doses of medication. A horse barn may be a cheaper and less damaging solution. Riding horses have been medically linked to improving both mental and physical health. Along with the emotional connection people can share with horses, exercise and fresh air benefit those who choose to ride and care for them. Many special needs children, such as autistic children benefit from working with horses and are thought to be able to communicate more efficiently with animals than humans. Other studies have shown soldiers post-war suffering with PTSD that have shown great success when exposed to horses. Horse riding and training courses have even been implemented into prisons and have been reported to create better-adjusted prisoners than prisoners who don’t have access to similar programs.

Exercise improves blood flow, heart rate and most bodily functions. Many stables offer horse back riding lessons for beginners which helps strengthen core muscles, posture and balance. People with physical disabilities can benefit from riding as a low-impact sport that is softer on their bodies and provides an enjoyable alternative to the gym.

Therapeutic riding
Horse Therapy

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This blog post was written by Avery Haefner, senior in Animal Science as part of ANS216 Equine Science.