4H Horse and Pony ID

4-H Horse and Pony ID

  • 4-H animals will be identified by May 15th, and State Fair-eligible horses need photos uploaded into 4-H Online by May 15th.
  • Read the 4-H 202 publication, “Iowa 4-H Livestock Show Requirements - Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State, and Interstate Shows”.
  • An individual 4-H member must identify all animals. When registration papers are involved, the papers must be in the 4-H member’s name or show a logical family relationship.
  • All animals are to be owned by the 4-H member. Counties may have sharing or leasing options for certain species and may require a leasing form (i.e., horse) or other paperwork. Check with your county extension office for these alternatives.
  • A maximum of 5 heads can be identified.
  • Animals cannot be identified under both 4-H and FFA.
  • Animals can be identified by more than one 4-H member (immediate sibling or step-sibling only), but cannot be identified as 4-H under one sibling and FFA under another sibling.
  • 4-H Online ID is required by May 15. ALL horses must upload photos into 4-H Online by May 15(county and state fair).