2024 Iowa Horse Judges Requirements and Application

Iowa 4-H & Open Horse Show Judges Requirements and Application

The list of Iowa Horse Judges is updated annually. The list contains the names of judges who have expressed interest in judging 4-H and open shows and met the criteria established by Iowa State University.

Listing in the Iowa Horse Judges directory is a privilege, not a right.

Re-certifying Judges (How To Stay On The List) - Re-certify once every three years.

  1. Recertification requires attending a judge's training, obtaining an 85% or higher score on judging conformation and performance classes, and a written examination.

Iowa Horse Judging Clinic

New Judges Certification

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Attend a judge's training.
  3. Obtain an 85% or higher score on judging conformation and performance classes and a written rule book examination. The written examination includes an open-book test based on A Guide for 4H Equine Shows in Iowa.
  4. Complete the application form below.

Exemption from attending the judges’ certification clinic

Judges who hold national breed cards or are approved 4-H judges from other states and have attended other horse judges’ schools can be waived from attending the certification clinic by completing the application form below.

  • Send a copy of a judge's card or copy of completing a workshop to Dr. Peggy Auwerda peggy@iastate.edu


  • Horse Show Judges Certification Clinics are held annually. 

Rules and Regulations for 4-H Equine Shows in Iowa

Complete the application below for the Iowa Horse Judges Directory.


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Please list your business web address


Check the box that best describes your judging experience
When was the last time you attended a judging clinic in Iowa, another state or for a breed association?
A = Extensive experience with judging classesB = Several experiences with judging classesC = Some experience with judging classesD = Small amount of experience with judging classesE = Very little judging of these classesF = Have not judged these classes
WESTERN JUDGED (pleasure, reining, horsemanship) *
WESTERN CONTEST (barrels, poles) *
HUNTER JUMPER (Over fences, flat) *
JUDGING CONTEST (placing, reasons) *
REASONS (provide oral reasons for placings) *
DANISH RIBBON SYSTEM (purple, blue, red, white) *
Rate your experience/preference for judging the various categories of classes and knowledge of the Danish Ribbon System