JULY 25-28, 2019

              All animal entries & clothing event entries due by July 11th  
All static exhibit entries due by July 19th

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2019 Health Requirements

The 2017 State 4-H Livestock Health Requirements are now posted on their homepage , under the “4-H Resources” column (right side).  It’s good for 4-H families to review them each year.

4H202 Iowa 4-H Livestock Show Requirements



All 4-H livestock will be ID’d online through your account at: by May 15th.
Please log on to your account and enter in any animals that you might possibly bring to the Emmet County Fair, State Fair, or Clay County Fair. Animals that need to be ID’d are:
*Breeding Beef (need tattoo, birthdate and registration number if showing as a purebred)
*Feeder Calves (Clay County Fair)
*4-H Bucket/Bottle Calves
*Cow/Calf Pairs
*Dairy Cattle
*Dairy Goats
*Meat Goats
*Poultry-exception need to be ID by July 1st
*Rabbits-exception need to be ID by July 1st
*Sheep—Breeding for Clay County Fair
*Swine—Non-Derby, Breeding for State Fair (must be ear notch) or Clay County Fair
You must complete this process and make any changes before May 15th, so go ahead and work on that now!


Don’t forget to identify any of the following animals that you might possibly be exhibiting by May 15th at

  • Breeding beef (County Fair, State Fair, Clay County Fair)
  • Feeder Calves (Clay County Fair)
  • Cow/Calf Pairs (County Fair)
  • Bucket/Bottle Calf (County Fair)

Breeding Heifers for State Fair, Clay County Fair, and Ak-Sar-Ben need a tattoo. Registered/purebred heifers MUST have a registration number in 4-H Online by May 15th. Birthdate is also required. 

If you originally weigh your heifer in as a market heifer, the animal does NOT need to be ID’d again in 4hOnline as a breeding heifer. If you think will switch the animal to a breeding heifer and are planning to exhibit at State Fair/Clay County Fair/Aks-Ar-Ben, the tattoo and birthdate must be in 4-H Online before verifying. If the animal is a purebred, you need the registration number in 4-H Online too.

**If you have a bucket-bottle calf that you plan to bring back as a breeding heifer in 2015, you should have the calf vaccinated for brucellosis before 10 months of age**



FREE BROILERS PROJECT—Any 4-H members who have never participated in the poultry project area before are encouraged to be part of the Emmet County 4-H Foundation Broiler Project. You get 10 free chicks—all you have to do is bring at least 2 of them to the Emmet County Fair as an exhibit (also eligible for the Fair Premium Auction!) Contract deadline is April 28th! Find it on our website: or pick one up at the Extension Office.

BROILER CLASS ORDER DEADLINE—All Emmet County 4-H’ers planning to participate in the broiler class this year at the fair need to order their chicks through the Extension Office again this year. The deadline to place your order is April 28thcall the office to order @ 362-3434.

Pick up date for chicks and cost of chicks will be released as soon as it is available.

Remember that ALL poultry need to be ID’d by July 1st in—even if they aren’t born yet. State Fair market broilers must make special entry by May 1.



Weigh-In—Pens of three and individual market sheep & meat goats need to be weighed in at the Emmet County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 4th. Expect to weigh between 9:00 and 10:00am. Ear tags must be in place before the weigh-in! These can be purchased at the Extension Office for $1.25 each. FFA projects will need to be tagged separately with FFA tags. Exhibitors may weigh a maximum of 20 sheep.

If you are planning to at the Iowa State Fair, you will not weigh-in on this date. Please let the Extension Office know ASAP if you plan to do this, so that we can get you the rest of the details on where and when to do weigh-in/verification for those events.

All information for market sheep or meat goats weighed-in at the weigh-in will need to verified in each 4-H’ers account by May 15th.

All breeding sheep, meat goats and dairy goats not weighed-in need to be tagged with any herd tag and entered in by May 15th if exhibity at COUNTY FAIR ONLY.

ALL State Fair sheep (market, commercial and purebred breeding) and meat goats (market animals and breeding does) must have a 4-H tag, weighed and retinal images collected at a county weigh-in by May 15

*Scrapie Eradication Program—same requirements as in the past—call us or check the website for more info:


IA 4-H Horse Lease Agreement

Horse practices will begin in May and will be held at the fairgrounds arena.

All 4-H’ers participating in the horse project must wear ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear with chin strap and properly fitted harness when mounted and riding/driving at all 4-H related events.

Everyone should have received their “Rules and Regulations for 4-H Equine Shows in Iowa” book (4H 511C). If you are a new horse exhibitor and do not have this book, please contact the Extension Office. Please review this book before practices begin.

Remember to ID your horses by May 15th in Animal can be identified by more than one 4-H member (immediate sibling or step-sibling only), but cannot be identified as 4-H under one sibling and FFA under another sibling



Remember to ID your pets by May 15th in your account at


Remember to ID your rabbits by July 1st in your account at

If you are planning to exhibit at the State Fair and/or Clay County Fair, all rabbits MUST have a tattoo entered in 4-H Online by July 1 to be eligible.


Swine Care/Disclosure Statement (Drug Affidavit)

There WILL NOT be a swine weigh-in for the Emmet County Fair. Instead of a Derby Contest, we will be having a County Packer's Choice Contest. It is very similar to the Derby Contest but does not require a beginning weight. If you have questions, please see the 2019 Fair Book or contact the office.  

All swine tags must be the green USDA tags this year for the county fair. All swine MUST BE ID'ed in 4-H Online by May 15th. Each 4-H'er is limited to ID'ing 40 head.

*If you plan to show your swine at the State Fair, please let the Extension Office know by May 1st.

State Fair pigs need special DNA ear punch tags plus EAR NOTCHES -- this is a new requirement.

*At this time, we are planning for the Swine show for the 2019 Emmet County Fair will be non-terminal and will include commercial gilt classes. Members may show up to 2 commercial gilts.


If you would like to attend 4-H dog obedience classes this year, so you can participate in the dog show at the fair, you must sign up by March 29th (362-3434).

Our great leaders of the dog project group; Ethan Marth and Marcia Roehler are excited to get the group started for this new year!

Remember to ID your dog by May 15th in your account at Rabies vaccination date and information is REQUIRED.

A dog can be identified by more than one 4-H member (immediate sibling or step-sibling only), but cannot be identified as 4-H under one sibling and FFA under another sibling.

*Remember, you must attend at least 5 of the offered dog obedience classes to qualify to participate in the dog show at the fair.

*If this is your first year, or you have a new puppy, plan to come, even if don’t plan to participate in the dog show at the fair. The Dog Show will be held on Saturday, July 27th at 3:00 p.m.


Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a national multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8 to 21 with a focus on three core pillars: food safety, animal well-being, and character development. 4-H members who exhibit the following species — beef, goats, poultry, rabbits, sheep, swine — at the Emmet County Fair must be YQCA certified by JULY 1st.

**Any 4-H or FFA members that certified in previous years by taking the FSQA test will be certified until the testing expiration date.

**FFA members need to contact their advisors to get certified.

We will be offering the following instructor led training sessions.

Cost of these trainings is FREE (thank you to the Emmet County 4-H Foundation) -- you will need to contact the Extension Office to purchase a special code.

April 19 -- First Presbyterian Church in Estherville from 9:00 to 10:30 am.

June 18 -- Location TBD, 9:00 to 10:30 am

Web-based Training: on youth's own time, cost is $12 (paid by the 4-H'er/family)

If attending an instructor led training, all youth are REQUIRED to be registered for the event through Click here for the help sheet instructions.

Iowa State Fair - August 9-19, 2017

 All animal entries due by July 1st

Clay County Fair - September 8-16, 2017

All animal entries due by July 31st


County 4-H News

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