Emmet County Fair

Fair Dates July 25 - July 28, 2019
All animal entries and clothing events entries due by July 11th
All static exhibit entries due by July 19th

2019 Emmet County Fair Booth Decorating Theme
"A Universe of Possibilities"


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Static (non-living exhibits: Entries Due by July 19 in emmetiowa.fairentry.com

The 4-H Exhibit Building will be closed at 4:30pm on Sunday, July 28th and then, the doors will be opened and all exhibits will be released for you to take home at 5:00pm that evening. All exhibits must be checked out formally with volunteers at that time. Please make sure that whoever is going to pick up your exhibits knows that they will need to “check-out” before they leave! Any exhibits leaving the fairgrounds prior to that time will not receive premium money.

4-H Clothing Event: Entries Due by July 11 in emmetiowa.fairentry.com
The site will ask you questions about your clothing entry. *Judging is Thursday, July 18st, beginning at 8:30 am at the First Presbyterian Church in Estherville. Participants will be sent a judging schedule following the deadline. *The Style Show is Thursday, July 25th, beginning at 7:30pm at Skateland. Participants will model their clothing and winners will be announced. Winners selected will be part of the “Court of Honor”. *Two Junior and two intermediate or senior 4-H’ers from each division will be selected to advance to the Clay County Fair. *Senior 4-H’ers (9th-12th graders) are eligible to advance to the Iowa State Fair in each category, if chosen.

Herdsmanship Judging Criteria

Herdsmanship Keeping the fairgrounds, barns, 4-H building, etc clean is an important part of being a 4-H member who participates in the fair! The Emmet County Fairboard wants all 4-H’ers to be reminded to keep the fairgrounds clean! Don’t forget to also keep your animal fed and watered throughout the fair. Herdsmanship judging criteria is listed on the website.

Penny Wars:   Don’t forget to save your pennies for “Penny Wars” at the fair. Each club will have a container to put their pennies in. Each penny is one positive point. You also want to save your other coins and dollars to put in other club’s containers—those count as negative points. The club with the most positive points or least negative points by Sunday morning of the fair wins! Winner will be announced at the Awards program on Sunday at the fair.

Kiss-The-Sheep Contest:   Each club, or teams from a club, may nominate someone (a member, leader, teacher, business person, etc) to “Kiss-the-Sheep”. Club members then collect votes (money) for their nominee. The nominee with the most votes (1 cent = 1 vote) will get the “honor” of kissing the Grand Champion Sheep at the Fair Awards Program. (Get your nominee’s permission first!) You may start collecting money July 1st and need to turn in the money by noon on Sunday, July 31st. Money raised will be split & donated between the Emmet County and Iowa State 4-H Foundations, in the name of the club who collected it.


**All Emmet County 4-H/FFA Livestock Entries Due by July 11 in emmetiowa.fairentry.com **

Premium Auction:  It is required that anyone participating in the 4-H/FFA Market Livestock Premium Auction must wear a 4-H or FFA shirt and appropriate pants or jeans, no hats and no open toed shoes. Youth will walk their animal through the ring. You must be with your animal and ready to go or forfeit your trip through the ring. With pens of three cattle, you’ll go through with your ribbon instead of your animals. All exhibits you plan to take through the auction must be entered online with auction fee selected and paid by July 11th!

Stall Cards: Stall cards need to be picked up at the barn meetings that will be held at the showbarn (you will have already paid your entry fees online this year, so you won’t need to do that in the fair board office this year before you can get your stall cards) and posted above stalls by Thursday evening for fairgoers to view. 



Clover Knowledge Escapade Guidelines & Entry Form

4-H Exhibit Information Sheet ( Goal)

Photo Label - Full Sheet, single sided (PDF) (MSWord)

Photography Worksheet

Poster Communication Exhibit Report Form

Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label

Inappropriate Food Exhibits for Iowa 4-H Fairs

Use of copyrighted/trademarked materials in 4-H fair exhibits and activities

Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit

Preparing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibits

Static Building - Fair Judging Help Sheet

Pulling It Together - Elements & Principles of Design in Home Improvement

Design - Exploring the Elements & Principles

Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements & Principles in Clothing

Canning & Freezing Tomatoes

Making Fruit Spreads

Canning Vegetables

Preserve Food Safely

Design - Exploring the Elements & Principles - 4-H 634

Elements of Design

Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements and Principles in Clothing - 4-H 313

Color Wheel - 4-H 633

Preparing Flowers & Plants for Exhibition - 4-H 464

Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit - 4-H 462

Use of Copyright Materials - VI-010401-WB, March 2004

Pinterest-3 ways to help find the source

Inappropriate Food Exhibits - 4-H 3023



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