Iowa Parents Learn Ways to Strengthen Their Families

AMES, Iowa – Iowa parents are learning ways to grow and strengthen their families through the “Together We Can” program offered by Human Sciences Extension and Outreach. This program includes eight interactive lessons that focus on creating a healthy future for Iowa families.

“Together We Can” is an adaption of a program offered by Michigan Extension and Outreach, said Janet Smith, human sciences specialist in family life. “The real premise behind this program is that if couples are functioning and communicating well, then they are better able to parent -- which will lead to better outcomes for their children.”

This program is geared towards young and new parents to help them learn how to effectively parent their children. The lessons help these parents gain positive co-parenting skills as well as encourage ongoing involvement in their child’s life.

It’s best to establish good, positive parenting skills for both parents right in the beginning of the program to help couple units grow stronger together and develop exactly how their children will be parented, said Smith. This leads to stronger parenting and strengthened families.

“Together We Can” looks beyond just the problems families might face, but how problems in the family can affect all aspects of life, especially for the children. “The more adverse experiences a child faces while growing up could lead to more potential problems as an adult,” said Smith.

This program has been working for the past five years to address the need of creating stronger parenting skills and healthy family development while focusing on the children. “It’s all about the child,” said Smith.

“'Together We Can’ benefits families by helping to create healthier children, healthier adults and ensure well-functioning families,” said Smith.

To learn more about “Together We Can” or to get involved visit the “Together We Can” webpage

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