Iowa Families Save Money and Eat Right with Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. blog and website provide food and nutrition help for families
MES, Iowa – Eating healthy on a tight budget can seem like a tough thing to do. However, the “Spend Smart. Eat Smart.” website and blog offered through Iowa State University’s Human Sciences Extension and Outreach provide nutrition suggestions, meal planning and grocery shopping tips.

“’Spend Smart. Eat Smart.’ is a website and blog designed to help families with low resources make the most out of the funds that they have and eat as well as possible on a tight grocery budget,” said Christine Hradek, ISU Extension and Outreach’s coordinator for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, and the Family Nutrition Program. “We want to counter the idea that in order to eat healthy you have to spend a lot of money on food.”

“Spend Smart. Eat Smart.” is centered on the themes of smart shopping, meal planning, cooking and reducing waste. The blog also addresses current trends in food and nutrition. The website provides short, educational videos from how to prepare recipes to how to plan meals, as well as a calculator that estimates what a family should spend on food and tips on how to reduce food spending.

This website started as a way to keep in touch with families who have gone through ISU Extension and Outreach’s direct food and nutrition education programs to keep good quality, researched-based information coming to them after they have finished the program, explains Hradek. Now, “Spend Smart. Eat Smart.” reaches families and people from all over the nation.

All information found on the “Spend Smart. Eat Smart.” website and blog comes directly from Iowa State and other trusted partners like the USDA and special nutritional guest bloggers.

“We have a lot of experts at ISU Extension and Outreach with so much to share on these topics,” said Hradek. “We are providing information to better all Iowans.”  

Keeping in mind families with busy lifestyles, “Spend Smart. Eat Smart.” provides practical, easy steps that can get families started on the path to better nutrition. “We focus on what can be done today,” said Hradek. “not what will take a year to accomplish.”

“The overall benefit of this website and blog to Iowans is that families feel more in control of their choices and are well informed to make the choice that is best for their family,” said Hradek.

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