Arts Affair - March 10th

You will pick TWO topics to explore: 

Media Mash-up: In this class you will paint, draw and cut/paste to layer and create your final piece. We will focus on shapes, colors and patterns with drawing and cutout objects layered in to create and abstract illustration of an object or scene. You can bring a picture of something that you would like to illustrate or we can choose your subject in class. No specific drawing and painting talent required. All you need is an open mind and you will have fun creating.

Design Dimensions: Design Dimensions will make your art come to life in a three dimensional way.  Challenge your skill to think outside of the box.

Ready, Aim, Shoot!: Ready, Aim, Shoot!  is a session all about photography!  Learn different skills utilizing your camera to take those one-of-a-kind, original shots.  No matter your knowledge level, take away some new techniques or ideas to improve your love of the camera!

Sensational Shibori: Attend Sensational Shibori to practice an ancient Japanese dyeing technique on T-Shirts.  Learn different folding techniques and how they affect the pattern.  The best part is you get to take home your beautiful art!

Decorating Delicacies: Join Decorating Delicacies to explore the world of frosting!  Learn how thickness affects your work and practice whipping up a batch of delicious art .  Practice your hand at different techniques and then show of your work by decorating dessert for lunch or our afternoon snack!  All participants will go home with some frosting tips (the kind that gives you help, and the kind that make the shapes!)
3,2,1...Action: Be in front of the audience and the camera in this interactive session where youth will practice different skills that will help you learn all about theater arts and acting!

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