Service Projects

This year the Emerging Leaders Academy has incorporated a Service Project component into the curriculum which will allow participants to apply newly acquired leadership skills and knowledge to make an impact on campus.  ELA cohort members will work in designated teams to develop a project on which they will work throughout the curriculum year.  The team format will require planning, effective communication, collaboration, and partnership in order to achieve success.  The Service Projects must align with institutional values as embodied in the ISU Strategic Plan and Principles of Community.  While teams will have time during class sessions to work on their projects, participants are expected to devote some time outside of class to completion of these projects.

Project Guidelines

  1. Working in teams, come to a consensus on a service project that benefits the ISU community. The service project should align with the ISU Strategic Plan 2017-2022 and with the ISU Principles of Community (see below). 
  2. Create and submit a Project Charter (see template) to Katharine Hensley ( by October 20, 2017, for review by the ELA Advisory Board.
  3. Upon approval of the project, each team will be assigned a Project Mentor who will help guide the team as needed.
  4. Present updates to the cohort as requested by ELA instructors.
  5. Complete project by May 2018 graduation date and present finished project to the cohort.

ISU Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Mission: Create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.
Vision: Iowa State University will lead the world in advancing the land-grant ideals of putting science, technology, and human creativity to work.

Goal 1: Ensure access to the ISU Experience – including an exceptional education offering practical, global, and leadership experiences that shape the well-rounded citizens and informed critical thinkers needed in the 21st century.
Goal 2: Enhance the university’s research profile by conducting high impact research that addresses the grand challenges of the 21st century.
Goal 3: Improve the quality of life for all Iowans through services and programs dedicated to economic development and the promotion of healthy communities, people, and environments.
Goal 4: Continue to enhance and cultivate the ISU Experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other.


ISU Principles of Community

Respect: We seek to foster an open-minded understanding among individuals, organizations and groups. We support this understanding through outreach, increasing opportunities for collaboration, formal education programs and strategies for resolving disagreement.
Purpose: We are encouraged to be engaged in the university community. Thus, we strive to build a genuine community that promotes the advancement of knowledge, cooperation and leadership.
Cooperation: We recognize that the mission of the university is enhanced when we work together to achieve the goals of the university. Therefore, we value each member of the Iowa State University community for his or her insights and efforts, collective and individual, to enhance the quality of campus life.
Richness of Diversity: We recognize and cherish the richness of diversity in our university experience. Furthermore, we strive to increase the diversity of ideas, cultures and experiences throughout the university community.
Freedom from discrimination: We recognize that we must strive to overcome historical and divisive biases in our society. Therefore, we commit ourselves to create and maintain a community in which all students, staff, faculty and administrators can work together in an atmosphere free from discrimination, and to respond appropriately to all acts of discrimination.
Honest and respectful expression of ideas: We affirm the right to and the importance of a free exchange of ideas at Iowa State University within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect. We work together to promote awareness of various ideas through education and constructive strategies to consider and engage in honest disagreements.

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Project Documents
  Project Charter Template
  Project Charter Template Document
  Project Charter Template - XLSX
  Website Design Charter Template PDF