New Cohort Selected

2017-2018 Cohort

First Row (L to R): Melissa Miller, Angela Powers, Stacy Renfro, Lindsey Long, Kristie Franz, Dawn Bratsch-Prince

Second Row (L to R): Laurie Smith Law, Nancy Gebhart, Jacki Rees Ulmer, Cris Schwartz, Katharine Hensley

Third Row (L to R): Rod Bagley, Audrey Kennis, Stacy Kilstofte, Cathy Miller, Simon Cordery, Peter Martin, John Nason

Fourth Row (L to R): Dan Nutini, Jacob Cummings, Billy Boulden, Lorenzo Baber, Javier Vela

Fifth Row (L to R): Sean Whalen, Susan Bradbury, Eric Burrough, Nathan Hannover