Mooo'ving into June

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HillTop Dairy CalfWhat is more refreshing than a cold glass of milk or a large ice cream cone on a hot summer day in June? Nothing! It’s June which means its finally dairy month! 

Down in Southeast Iowa the Rising Star Interns celebrated dairy month by heading to not only one, but two dairy farms! Hilltop Dairy, located close to the Henry/Washington county line, is a family owned and operated dairy farm by Doug and Donna Roth. Their kids are involved in the operation as well, especially their daughter Madi who was kind enough to show us around. It was evident the cow’s health and wellbeing were of top priority for the Roth’s which was shown when Madi explained how “the cows eat breakfast before we do!” They get up bright and early to milk the cows for the first time of the day around 3:30 a.m. Although a VERY early morning, they still have plenty of work to do for the rest of the day including cleaning the milk parlor, barn, and bedding as well as feeding the cows until it comes time for the second milking at 3:30 p.m. The Roth’s want to share their appreciation for their cows and farm with others, and are happy to give farm tours to the public. If you are interested in seeing what an authentic family owned and operated dairy farm is like, check out their “Dairy Days” Facebook event on June 15th - you may even get some ice cream!      


We also went on a visit to Hinterland Dairy in Donnellson, Iowa, another family owned and operated dairy farm. Ralph and Colleen Krogmeier, the producers, are on the final stretch to becoming your next local cheese producers! The Krogmeier’s love to promote local foods and look forward to having another product that they can sell locally, as well as hold events for the public to come out and see the cheesemaking process right on the farm. A unique feature is that it is farmstead cheese, meaning the cheese will be produced on the same farm that the milk is produced. In this case, the Hinterland Dairy cows are not only going to be producing milk to sell to Prairie Farms, but will also be producing milk to help make Hinterland Dairy Farmstead Cheese! In order to accomplish this, Hinterland Dairy has done a lot of renovation and research to assure their production will be excellent. The Krogmeier’s have made a new facility that includes another brand-new milking parlor, brine room, aging room, walk-in cooler, packaging room, lab, processing room, and a room to showcase and sell their cheese.  On average, Hinterland Dairy will need ten pounds of milk from the cows to produce one pound of cheese, and are hoping to make around 120 pounds of cheese per week! Once open, there will be three cheese varieties available including fresh cheese curds, aged alpine cheddar, and a quark cheese. Hinterland Dairy plans on selling the cheese directly from the facility, and are hoping to provide to a few local restaurants, hospitals, and grocery stores. Be on the lookout for more information about the date of Hinterland Dairy’s official opening!                        


HillTop Dairy Contact:  

Phone: 319-256- 5426 

Facebook: HillTop Dairy Inc.  




Hinterland Dairy Contact:  

Phone: 319-470-3919  

Facebook: Hinterland Dairy  




Dairy Nutrition Facts: 

Milk is filled with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B-12, and tons of essential amino acids.  All of these will help to live a healthy life.   


Dairy Recipes:  

Meat&Veggies Mac 


Cheesy Broccoli Soup 

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