Interested in a CSA? Check out Jones Family Farm!

Submitted by gracew2 on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 13:34

If you are a parent you can relate to wanting the very best for you and your family. When it comes to Caroline and Ryan Jones, it was no different. When the Jones had children, they wanted to be able to feed them as much organic and locally grown foods as they could. They decided they wanted to grow their own food to provide for their family, including raising their own meat when possible. Their small organic vegetable garden quickly grew into a large vegetable farm over the past seven years called the Jones’ Family Farm. As it expanded, the Jones began selling their produce at several local farmer’s markets in order to give back to her community. At these markets, the Jones family would bring several different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, squash, herbs, beans, peas, and more, depending on what was ready to be harvested that day. Customers can expect a wide variety of produce as the Jones grow different types of produce depending on the weather for that year. The Jones’ Family Farm cans, pickles, and freezes leftover produce available at the end of the farmer's markets or harvest season, and will can over 1,000 jars a year of produce with the help of Caroline’s mother.   

Trial and error are mainly what taught Caroline how to be a successful vegetable gardener, and she continues trying new things to become better at growing produce. She shared with us that the first time she ever tried to plant tomato plants she didn’t get a single tomato to grow. This resulted in her doing research about how to grow tomatoes and to try a different method the following year. She implements this style of learning to improve all of the produce on the farm. Caroline has also made several improvements to their farm along the way with the help of her husband. Ryan has converted an old barn into a greenhouse and a workshop for Caroline, they have put tarps over parts of their gardens for weed control, and fencing was put up to keep critters out. By making improvements to the farm, it allows both Caroline and Ryan be able to spend more time together as a family. 

Jones Family Farm Sign

 As their family expanded along with the size of their farm, they decided they wanted to be able to spend more time in the summer with their kids. They began to look into other ways that they could share their organic produce with others that did not involve traveling to farmers markets so frequently. This is what led them to turn their farm into a community supported agriculture (CSA). During the winter this year they had ten families purchase a CSA. Those ten families receive a basket of produce for around 15 weeks when the produce is ready for harvest. The Jones make sure that each produce basket is worth the cost to the members. If you are interested in purchasing locally grown organic food, then the Jones’ Family Farm is the place for you! What’s better than purchasing your produce from a family who began farming because they wanted the best produce available for their own family?  

Jones Family Farm Sign