Farm Planning & Production

Farm Planning & Production

A Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers - from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture              

Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Budgets- a tool to help you estimate the cost and returns to produce a product      

Overview Article  -  Editable Production Budgets in Excel Format

IowaProduce - Iowa State University Extension  - newletter, events, resources on crops and pests.

Sustainable Vegetable Production - Iowa State University Extension - research reports and publications

 Commodities & Production: Agricultural Marketing Resource Center - overview of a variety of value-added and local food products and their markets.

Market Maker: Market Intelligence Tool - interactive map where you can search markets, populations, and other producers in our state.

Vegetable Production handouts - UW Extension - data collected from various vegetable farmers on their specific crop production strategies.  Info on varieties, field prep, crop maintenance, harvest and yields.  Carrots- Potatoes- Snap Beans- Lettuce Mix

USDA: Fruit and Vegetable Prices - estimated average prices for 156 commonly consumed fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.

Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic - a resource from Iowa State University.  Search through their database of insects, plants and plant diseases, or submit a sample for identification.

Managing Employees -  a listing of employee manual templates, considerations for managing employees, and more. 


High Tunnels & Hoop Buildings

Iowa High Tunnel Fruit and Vegetable Manual

Rainwater Catchment 

Vegetable Production Budgets for a High Tunnel

Hoop Structures for Livestock  - Beef -  Swine -  Other Livestock